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Your dog is one-of-a-kind.
Their food should be, too.

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Stay makes fresh dog food tailored specifically to your pet. By combining gut microbiome tests and the power of data science, we’re able to provide optimal nutrition for your dog at every stage of their life.
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Real ingredients. Custom tailored. Straight to your door.

What’s included

A seasonal  
microbiome check

The trillions of bacteria living in our dog’s gut (and yours, too!) are critical to the health and longevity of our best friends. Stay always checks that our recipes support a thriving gut microbiome.

Wellbeing support

We provide ongoing guidance and support through text and email, directly connecting you to Stay’s pet nutrition and wellbeing team.

Made by experts

Our team of seasoned veterinarians, nutritionists, and machine learning experts continually craft new recipes, each better tailored to your pet than the next.
Gently cooked to lock nutrients in every bite

Key Ingredients

Psyllium seed husks

A great source of fiber to improve digestive health and keep things niiiice and regular 😉💩.


Contain essential amino acids and fatty acids - the basic building blocks of the body - plus vitamin B and selenium, an essential mineral for the immune system.


Powerful green superfood that pushes toxins out of the body and energizes your dog from the inside out.

Sprouted lentils

By sprouting our lentils before cooking, we neutralize acidity to optimize the ability of your dog’s body to process important nutrients like vitamins B and C, supporting energy levels and tissue development.

Anchovy Oil

A great source of Omega-3’s, anchovies support heart and brain function, skin and coat health, and joint mobility.

Fresh blueberries

Powerful antioxidants to boost the immune system, promote beneficial bacteria, and are loaded with vitamins C & K for supporting metabolism.

Butternut squash

Filled with the sugar molecule Fucose to promote a healthy immune response and facilitate a healthy gut.

Flax seeds

Great source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to support the immune system, to improve skin health and give your dog’s coat a healthy shine...new hair, who dis?


Straight from the Atlantic Ocean, kelp is rich in vitamins and minerals like iodine to stimulate your dog’s metabolism.
How we’re different

The future of pet nutrition

Frozen dog food using freshly cooked, real ingredients delivered to your door
Recipes developed by seasoned veterinarians and nutritionists that are tailored to meet your dog’s specific and evolving needs
Superfood ingredients in every meal
Seasonal microbiome gut checks for continuous health monitoring
Expert wellbeing tracking and support every step of the way
Access to an exclusive community of pet experts and dog lovers
All included with your monthly meal plan.
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Jax and Bean come running to the kitchen for meal time and lick their bowls clean. I love that I am not just feeding them food that I feel good about, but to also be able to reach out to expert vets at Stay with questions I have on their overall health. 
J.S., Jax & Bean’s Mom

I found a dog at a shelter, but maybe she found me! This food really makes her happy!
R.C, Abby’s Dad
(a poet who didn’t know it)
The switch of food for Housta has made a huge impact on her energy levels. As an older dog, it has been amazing to watch her running and playing again just like she used to.
A.S., Housta’s Dad
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